I am currently a senior in the Theater Studies major at Yale.  Although my interests have now moved to directing, my performance experience in the past (and notably, my experience with Scarlett) has helped to shape my vision of what theater should be.  My experience as one of Scarlett's (many!) students was quite influential in my journey as a performing artist to this day.  I only studied with her for two years, but in that time, she helped me to discover a truly comfortable voice that I hadn't been able to find with other voice teachers prior to her.  Scarlett's ability to pin-point exactly how to alter and improve the sound and sensation of the voice is astounding. Her patience is impressive, her encouragement inspiring, and her friendship valuable.  One of her important qualities as a voice teacher is perhaps her own range: she is able to teach all styles and techniques! Because Scarlett herself is a performer, her instruction on the performance of a song is invaluable.

Ben Evans
Student, Yale University
New Haven, CT

Scarlett Hepworth is one of the most sought after performers and adjudicators in our area.  She is a consummate actress and performer and has encouraged, cajoled, and pushed several area student and professional performers to succeed past their expectations! She is known for her passion for music and for recognizing excellence in all of its forms.  Scarlett honors the music people make, whether it is a diamond or a diamond-in-the-rough, she consistently makes the performer feel as if he or she has achieved something of merit and then proceeds to enable them to make more of what they have achieved! She looks for the best in all performance endeavors and has an uncanny ability to assist people in feeling calm in her presence so they try even harder! Students have been know to refer to their lessons as "...their Scarlett 'fix'..." and, as a public school music teacher, I have witnessed musical growth and integrity in her private students.  Her students come from all walks of life and ability levels and every one of them leaves their lesson feeling affirmed not only as a musician, but as a capable and unique human being.  What a gift! Scarlett can listen and observe an individual and can zero in on a 'problem' area and tweak it so effortlessly that the individual never knew it was a 'problem'! Scarlett truly understands that music can soothe the savage beast and de-stresses those students and performers who have had less than supportive training.  Scarlett reconnects the performer to the truth and core of what music means to an animate being.

Kathleen Blair
Choral, String Music and Musical Theatre Instructor
Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane, WA
Past President, Eastern Washington Music Educators Association
Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the state MEA, 2000-2004

I love to dance.  But I also love to sing.  As a dancer I thought how is it possible to fit voice lessons into my busy schedule?  I dance 6 days a week for about 3-4 hours a day, I thought there is no way!  But I was wrong.  I found the perfect time to fit singing in to my schedule and I found the perfect teacher.  Not only did Scarlett help me grow vocally but she also helped me grow as a performer which is extremely important in any area of the Arts.  By studying with her for the past 2 years she helped me to develop my voice and become comfortable with it.  I learned all about pitch, tone and style and how to use and control my breath.  Studying with Scarlett was truly influential on me as a dancer and an artist.  Right now, my focus has changed to mainly dancing as a student and a company member with Theatre Ballet of Spokane, but I know that without Scarlett’s instruction I would not be nearly as comfortable as I am right now with my own voice and the ability to perform.  And for this I thank her.

Kjersti Cubberley
Student, Lewis and Clark High School

I was a student of Scarlett Hepworth for 3 years and in that time she helped me shape my voice into something I didn't know I had.  When I first came to Scarlett, I was almost solely a belter and often neglected my upper register.  Scarlett helped me realize that I could damage my voice if I continued to use it in that way and helped me find a legitimate soprano through all of the belting.  This is a voice I use more than I ever used my belt.  Under Scarlett's excellent coaching I won the Mezzo Soprano division of the Spokane Solo and Ensemble Festival two years in a row and received a Gold Medal for both Musical Theatre and Classical singing at Musicfest Northwest.  Not only did Scarlett help me improve my singing voice, but she strengthened my confidence.  So much, in fact, that I decided to audition for the Boston Conservatory a year earlier than I had planned.  I currently attend the Conservatory as a musical theatre student.  I plan to pursue musical theatre professionally and know that I will take the knowledge and confidence Scarlett gave me wherever I go.  Scarlett is not only an amazing teacher, but also a wonderful friend.

Kendal Hartse
Junior, Boston Conservatory

Scarlett Hepworth is simply one of the best teachers I've had in any subject.  She taught me to access my upper range without hurting myself, opening a wide array of performance opportunities.  Besides being a wonderfully knowledgeable vocal instructor, she is also an excellent acting coach.  I know I never would have achieved acceptance into Southern Methodist University's Meadows School of the Arts (which only accepts 30 theatre students a year) without her guidance.  Most importantly, my voice lesson became one of my favorite places to go.  I grew so much with Scarlett as a singer, as an actress, as a person.

Katy Fitzpatrick
Freshman at Drew University, Madison New Jersey
I have known Scarlett Hepworth since 1993; she was an actress in "Quilters", and I was music director.  I have a BA in Music Education from Washington State University, and discovered quickly that she had forgotten more about music than I had ever learned.  However, we did just fine together as long as I constantly reminded myself to be prepared for rehearsal -- she kept me honest. I currently direct a women's choir which raises money for Cancer and Community Charities in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area -- mostly retired women who love to sing.  Every fall we have a learning retreat  to kick-start our season.  I hired Scarlett several times to come and inspire these women with vocal "pearls of wisdom."  She has never been less than wonderful.  She is so full of musical knowledge; her teaching is inspirational, practical, informative, valuable, and done in a fun, gentle, new and exciting manner.  My choir loves her.  They ask for her over and over, and were sad to learn that she has relocated to California --  Idaho / Washington's loss and California's gain. I would not hesitate for one-second to recommend Scarlett as a clinician for any vocal group, any age, anywhere, anytime.  Whether you want a fresh approach to a particular aspect of vocal technique, diction, enunciation, dynamics, phrasing, style, etc., Scarlett can get the job done.  I would give anything if she were right back here in the Spokane / Coeur d'Alene area.  She is sorely missed!!!

Christie Hubble
Director, 3C's Coeur d'Aleers
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Scarlett Hepworth has been my vocal coach and accompanist since 1996. Together we have created a repertoire of pop standards, cabaret songs and novelty songs approaching 100 that we have performed in a variety of venues across the Pacific Northwest.  As a vocal coach, Scarlett has helped me to become a better performer.  However, it's as an accompanist that I will miss her talents most. She is amazingly in tune with her vocalists, intuitively sensing when to adjust tempo or volume.  She adds to the quality of the show with her winning personality, all the while making sure primary focus remains on the vocal performer.  Over the years, I have come to think of her not so much as my accompanist, but as a worthy collaborator and dear friend.

Bijou Matinee or "Auntie" Bijou as her fans call her, (aka ''Kevan Gardner'') has been performing her winning mix of vocal jazz, pop standards and Broadway showstoppers — inspired by great female vocalists like Peggy Lee, Sophie Tucker and Blossom Dearie — around the Pacific Northwest for over a decade, raising thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations from the Pride Foundation to the Girl Scouts.

Scarlett Hepworth came into my Acting Styles Class at Gonzaga University to teach a Musical Theatre unit which included preparing a song for a standard University/Repertory Theater Association audition.  She was fabulous with the students, nurturing them into very competent performances.  As a fellow professional, Scarlett and I worked together in MUSIC MAN and FIDDLER.  She was wonderful in both shows and a joy to work with as an actress.

Sara Edlin-Marlowe
Spokane, Washington
Sara Edlin-Marlowe has worked professionally all over the U.S., on stage and on screen, most recently in the film "The Basket."  She toured with productions of Zorba the Greek and Fiddler on the Roof and she now tours her three one-woman shows: Sacagawea, A Conversation with Georgia O'Keeffe (by Constance Congdon), and The Six Women of the Hawaiian Monarchy.  Currently she resides in Spokane, WA., where she teaches theatre, speech and broadcasting.  She still gets small residual checks from "The Godfather" and can be seen fleetingly in "Bananas" (in a screaming yellow zonker dress).

If you're someone like myself, who has had family responsibilities take you away from the music scene for awhile, Scarlett Hepworth is the perfect person to ease that door back open by strengthening your technique and building that confidence back up.  Since it had been a few years since my last performance, nervousness was a major hurdle for me.  Scarlett not only got my instrument back in shape, she also changed the way I felt and thought about the actual performance, and that allowed me to let go, release and once again really tie into the music itself.  And if you're concerned that there just isn't enough time to practice, as most busy moms are, I can tell you that I found my car to be the perfect vehicle for getting in practice time.  I'd just pop a tape in my cassette player and I vocalized while driving to and from the numerous errands I had to run during the week.

I worked with Scarlett while my children were in school and that allowed me to not only "fine tune" my instrument and improve my performance, but it also gave me time for myself!  My lessons with Scarlett always left me feeling relaxed, confident, and inspired.  Scarlett brings new meaning to the term"music therapy."

Anyone with a good voice can sing and leave an audience satisfied; but when a performer is really motivated by the lyric, the audience is left wanting more.  I think that's where the music really begins!  And Scarlett Hepworth has the ability, like not other vocal coach I've worked with, to infuse the intention of the music into the vocalist.  If you love to sing and would like to improve your vocal abilities, you owe it to yourself to see what Scarlett has to offer.

Tami Bell-Maring
Wife of Noel and mother of Noelle and Cameron and Non-traditional "returning" Music Education student,
Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA

At the start of my freshman year of high school, I was an unsure girl with a lack of vocal confidence, literally no knowledge of music theory, bad diction, a shaky, nearly non-existent vibrato, and a love for music beyond my describing.  For years I had been involved in theatre arts around Spokane, Washington, where I had constantly heard the name "Scarlett Hepworth" praised through the mouths of the most impressive vocalists in the area.  It wasn't long before I had applied to her waiting list and crossed my fingers for the call saying I could start lessons.  Receiving that call was the beginning of four years of the most beneficial, gratifying lessons that have rewarded me time and time again.  Scarlett is a thoughtful, supportive, challenging and inspiring coach who guided my development from that unsure girl to a confident and capable songwriter, dancer/choreographer, actress, and student pursuing a degree in vocal performance.

Tamara Power-Drutis
2004 Music Scholar
Pacific Lutheran University