How often are lessons, how long are lessons, and what do they cost?
Lessons are one hour in length, weekly or semi-weekly, and are $70 per hour. Lesson times are available Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (last lesson starting at 5:30 p.m.) with no lessons given on Saturday or Sunday.

How often do I pay for lessons?
Monthly is preferred. Your monthly payment guarantees the holding of your assigned lesson time for you alone. However, if you can only pay for one lesson at a time, that is fine, provided you pay for your lesson on the day of your lesson.

When do I pay for lessons?
Students pay for all regularly scheduled weekly lessons at or by the date of their first lesson each month. A four-lesson month will be $240; a five-lesson month is $300. A private music student who pays for a month's worth of lessons is committed to coming to lessons.

What if I would like only one lesson or just a few lessons? Can I pay for lessons one at a time?
Yes. A single one-hour lesson is $70; a one-and-a-half hour coaching session is $105. Scheduling of single lessons is on an "as-available" basis.

On which holidays will there be no voice lessons?
No lessons will be given on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, and July 4th. If your regularly scheduled lesson falls on one of these days, you will not be charged for the lesson.

What about national holidays?
Voice lessons are given on national Monday holidays, (MLK Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day). If you know you will be absent from your lesson on any of these days, you must notify me in advance of your absence to not be charged.

What about other religious holidays?
As long as I receive notification of your absence in advance, you will not be charged for any lesson missed due to religious observance (Yom Kippur, Good Friday, Ramadan).

Besides national and religious holidays, are there any other types of absence for which I will not be charged?
Yes. Any scheduled medical/dental procedure or participation in an important family event (wedding, funeral, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, etc.), providing I receive notification of your absence in advance.

What about school vacations and teacher training days?
I continue to teach during the school year winter break, spring break and summer vacation, and during all faculty "in-service" days. I do not consider these holidays. If you travel or vacation during school breaks, you will need to observe my Lesson Cancellation Policy (see below) and give me advance notice of your absence, otherwise you will be expected to pay for the lesson.

What about business trips, mandatory school field trips?
I may make payment adjustments for a student's obligatory absence, provided you give me ample advance notice of the absence.

What if I am called to an after-school rehearsal on the day of my lesson?
Please explain to your music director or theatrical director that your voice teacher requires a one-day notice of cancellation or you will be charged for the lesson. Very often a director can let you know if you’ll be needed at a rehearsal a day or so ahead of time. If not, you must let me know this is a possibility for the length of your rehearsal period, so that I can fill your spot with a paying student to take your place. We will work things out as best we can during your rehearsal period.

Can I make up a lesson I've paid for and missed?
Lessons canceled at least 24 hours ahead of time may be made up. Make-up lessons are not granted for "no-shows."

What if Scarlett cancels a lesson?
If I cancel a lesson for any reason, you will be credited for a lesson in the following month.

Lesson Cancellation Policy (the "Pink Sheet")

At your first lesson, you will be given the "pink sheet" with my Lesson Cancellation Policy. You sign one copy of the pink sheet for me to keep in your file, and you keep one for yourself for reference when you need to cancel a lesson.

Here is the information on the Pink Sheet.

General Cancellations
The deadline for canceling a lesson is 12:00 p.m. (noon) one calendar day prior to the day of the lesson. If you cancel later, you will be asked to pay the full cost of the lesson. If I am able to fill your vacated lesson spot with a substitute student, I will not charge you for the late canceled lesson.

You may cancel your lesson in person, or you may choose a method that will provide a record of the time you canceled:

Late cancellations and "no shows" incur the full cost of a lesson.
You may not reschedule or "make up" a lesson that you cancelled late or missed.

Your compliance with this policy gives me a reasonable amount of time to find and schedule another student into your vacated hour, and compensates me if I cannot find a substitute. This policy also allows me to maintain a predictable income and deters students from casually canceling/rescheduling lessons.

Late Cancellations due to Illness
Never come to your lesson if you are ill. I must guard against getting sick so I can teach, and I must ensure honesty in my students about cancellations due to illness.

A. If you must cancel your lesson due to illness, but have missed the deadline for canceling (noon the day before), you will be asked to pay half the cost of the lesson.

This policy prevents students from "calling in sick" when they are not really ill, and deters them from coming to the vocal studio with contagious illness to escape being charged the full cost of the late cancellation, because . . .

B. If you come to your lesson with symptoms of contagious illness, you will be asked to pay the full cost of the lesson and leave immediately.

It is more to your advantage to cancel a lesson late and pay for half a lesson than it is to come to your lesson unwell, be charged the full cost, and then be asked to leave.

If you think you're sick, or getting sick, but aren't sure, contact me. I'll help you decide.